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Corporate Advisory

Our team works in collaboration with your organisation to recognise your growth potential at any stage of your business and provide you with the collective resources to realise your goals. This includes governance and concurrent audits, compliance health checks, knowledge warehousing and financial support during litigation processes.

Business Strategisation & Management

We reconceptualise your business strategy with you upon performing a detailed analysis in order to improve your financial model and management. Our team of veteran financial experts bring our experience with board governance, succession planning and overall business management to your organization to ensure that your internal financial operations run smoothly.

Institutional & Syndicated Financing

We provide structured funding options for SMEs and specialise in structuring our financing methods that cater to your organization's needs, including standard business loans, loans against commodities, and project financing. We provide individual loans to SMEs as well as through syndicated funding options, based on your organisation's requirement.

Financial Advisory

In addition to our regular funding options, we work with your organisation to advise you through your capital-raising processes. We assist your business from its initial seed stages right up till the capital-raising pre-IPO.

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